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    Community. Friendship. Compassion. Service.

  • What We Do

    Our vision is to create community and friendship through compassion and service to our neighbors.

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    Let's save the world right here at home

    Our core values: Community. Friendship. Compassion. Service.

    Many families are struggling. Families in our area are doing whatever they can to make ends meet. You could support our outreach work which pairs families in need with families who give. You could give children and women in need a hot meal; a warm, safe place to stay; gifts to brighten their spirits; or the basic necessities to simply get back on their feet. This is how we save the world right here from home.

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    Share with the one who has none.

    Our mission is to be a force of goodness

    In less than a year, 3:11 Project has become a leader in the Fox Valley area (IL). Founded by Amy Lawler (MEd, MBA), vision-setter, serial-optimist, and passion-ignitor, 3:11 Project is sharing the mantra: To live a balanced life, to spread the love of others, and to apply virtuous principles to make a difference in the world. 3:11 Project is creating high-impact in the surrounding community, with over 50+ volunteers, and over 300+ families helped. Check out the good things we have be doing:


    Businesswoman changes course, starts a charity 
    Susan Sarkauskas, Daily Herald, 2017


    3:11 Project delivers Christmas presents for 250 children in Batavia
    Susan O'Neill, Kane County Chronicle, 2017


    Amy Lawler of Montgomery organizes bags of donated toys and games, Sandy Bressner, Kane County Chronicle, 2017


    Local Charity Startup partners with Mercy House, Oswego Patch, 2017


    Download our media kit here

    Download our informational brochure here


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    Volunteer, Donate or Spread the Word

    What do you want to do? Do you want to help? Do you want to support? Do you want to serve?

    The servant-first approach is a way to make sure other people’s needs are the priority. The servant-leader helps others grow by serving them, shows them a freer and wiser path, and ultimately, helps others become servant-leaders themselves. We pay goodness forward, and others pass it on. Good leadership is love.


    LOVE is both subtle and infinite, with an absolute condition: vulnerability. When we chose to be vulnerable for the good of others, we hold true power or influence – we spread love. Are you ready to work with 3:11 Project? Let's take this step forward, together...


    Greenleaf, Robert K. The servant as leader. Westfield, IN. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, 2008. Print.


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    Get involved today!

    Transforming yourself and your world

    Transformation is bigger than we are, and requires a supportive universe. Each of us can make transformations in ourselves, our relationships, and in our culture. We do this by looking within: we overcome fear and embody a vision of the common good.


    The act of transformation is an act of altering our behavior to reflect what we truly value. Being transformational is a choice – a choice to connect to others through service. We each carry a mental picture of what it means to be a leader or what it means to help others. If we want to bring about real change, we need to change this picture to being other-focused.


    Are you ready to say YES! Are you ready to transform yourself and the lives of others? Join 3:11 Project today!


    Quinn, Robert E. Change the world: How ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results. San Francisco: Jossey Bass Publishers, 2000. Print


  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to connect family's in need with family's who give.

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    Amy Lawler, M.Ed., MBA

    Founder and Board President

    She lives by the motto: "Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same." - Luke 3:11 and has spent her life inspiring others to do the same. As a woman leader and servant leader, Amy Lawler wants to help the world one family at a time, by humbly serving and caring for them. She holds a creed of four simple but beautiful hallmarks: Community. Friendship. Compassion. Service. She believes in these ideals, and hopes you will too.

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